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 I named myself, The Black Gryphon

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I named myself, The Black Gryphon Empty
PostSubject: Re: I named myself, The Black Gryphon   I named myself, The Black Gryphon I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 12, 2009 3:37 pm

I was born human with a mother that died and a father who deserted me but my life was even a blessing until a fateful day came and i became what i am today.

I was a prattling fool to have let go of the mischievous end i was to encounter, and by age 9 I had met the witch. She was an illusion with the face of a maiden and she offered me a home a shelter that i gladly agreed. She cooked and fed me for I did all i could for her but 2 years into the future and she was a different person. She subjected me to the basement and clamped me to a table. The witch cut me up and attacked my claws and wings. I was let go and told never to come back even if i had the slightest motion to do so. The first thing i subjected myself to do was get to a pond or lake, something i could mirror myself. To my damned horror i was ready to jump in to the water. Though the strangest thing happened, I thought. as the twisted being I was, I thought. The witch could cut me up, but she did not cut my soul. I realized I was still a human in some ways and as i glimpsed into the water I saw a being, half human and half bird.

I named myself, The Black Gryphon
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I named myself, The Black Gryphon
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