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 From Zeus, RageOfFlame

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From Zeus, RageOfFlame Empty
PostSubject: RageofFlame   From Zeus, RageOfFlame I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 12, 2009 2:51 pm

Life is full of chaos, human-race committed many sins and it gave the Hades, God of Underworld an opportunity to revive with all the sins. Above the 12 sky, Zeus could see the Earth was almost about to end and in able to stop his brother, Hades. Zeus broke off one of his teeth and threw it down to the Sahara desert. The tooth formed into a strange looking plant, but it shined the entire sky at night. One day, a woman and a man walked by the plant. They checked the plant and they saw it only has one left that was hanging on it. The woman took it and ate it. After three days, she gave birth to a baby boy. The husband named their son, RageOfFlame. The boy grew fast, strong and smart. He thought he was just an ordinary boy just like any other boys in his village until, he discovered his own power when he was attack by a wolf.................................when he came back to his village, it was burn down and his parents died. Zeus told him that Hades has done it. It's time for him to get revenge................................
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From Zeus, RageOfFlame
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