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PostSubject: humanrouge   HumanRouge I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 12, 2009 12:16 am

HumanRouge was given birth, and named like that,because he was born a human,and took the path of a Rouge.At age 7 he was given a bow to go out and hunt for some meat for supper but when he returned he found that not only his house but his village was burnt and to find that almost all villagers inside the village was slaughtered,he knew what this mean. Demons where here. But not only that he found out that his parents where taken.

He plans to get revenge on the Demons, and take back his parents. But with the olny weapon of a bow and a few arrows,he sets out to meet some friends, together they will take back gladly what is his.

But the journey will not be easy,they will face all sort of enemies protecting the pathway to the Demon King, Artus. He soon became aware and fled back into town to get stronger,wiser, and pack a whole lot of armor for the trip.
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