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 Auralin and Slayth

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PostSubject: Auralin and Slayth   Auralin and Slayth I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 12, 2009 12:04 am

Auralin was a lonely orphan boy who lived on a tropical island, away from the world, uncertain of his past.
He never had anything to do but practice with small, sharp sticks resemblant to daggers, and practice fighting with his brother, Slayth.
But one day, he had a dream, a dream that gave him the courage to leave the place he called home and walk the path of the adventurer.
And in that dream, he realized something breathtaking- he was an orphan, so he never expected something like this- that he was a dragon bound to human form.
On this adventure he would find how to better himself in the ways of battle, and learn just what true courage is, trying to make the best of his life while he still had it. He wasn't so keen on wasting away his life on a deserted island... and the world needed some help, demons running amok. Regardless of the dragons' promise not to interfere, he was going to help. Because it was the right thing to do...

~And so the adventure begins. Onwards! Onwards to victory!

Slayth is, and always was, a stubborn, honorable guy.
That helped him in his sword training, something he did in his free time to prepare for a journey to Blueland, an adventure to be shared with his brother, Auralin.
He had a dream resemblant to his sibling's, he's a dragon too. On the adventure he wished to better himself in the way of the sword, and to assist Blueland's struggle against the demons. He felt bad about breaking an ancient promise, but...
The lives of the innocent were more important than that.

~Let's knock some heads!

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Auralin and Slayth
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